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work remotely

​Rental space on the highway
"Momen Kaido Exchange Center Training Room"

For those who would like to do some work while staying at Akari, there is a space in the Momenkaido Exchange Center at the front desk where you can comfortably work remotely.
Momen Kaido Exchange Center Training Room 300 yen per hour (90 yen air conditioner fee) FREE Wi-Fi
Available hours 9:00-22:00
Closed on Tuesdays

You can use it if it is available on the day. If you would like to use Akari, please inquire when making a reservation.

​Workspace on the highway
"Kumaya Warehouse Cafe"

For those who need a more comfortable Wi-Fi environment than the Momen Kaido Koryukan, there is a space renovated using the beams and pillars of an old warehouse building, where you can relax and concentrate while looking out at the gently flowing Hirata-Funagawa River. It is a space where you can work.
1,500 yen per hour Closed: Irregular holidays. You can use it if there is space on the day, but advance reservations are recommended.
Inquiries: 0853-62-2115 (Kumaya Ginger Sugar Honpo Person in charge: Kima)


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