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Surrounding sightseeing

cotton road

Akari is located on a street called Momenkaido, which retains the townscape from the Edo to Meiji eras.
There are many wonderful places in the area, including a 300-year-old confectionery store called Ginger Sugar, a long-established soy sauce brewery, a sake brewery, a craft beer brewery, and a gallery/store of a paper craft artist.
You can enjoy the experiential content called ``Momen Kaido Tourist Book,'' which summarizes the experiences of each job. When you stay at Akari, please come and talk to us about the traditional work of Momenkaido. I'm sure
you'll have a fulfilling time. Please feel free to contact us.

Nearby tourist attractions

​Sometimes just walking around. Sometimes I get swayed by local trains. We'll introduce you to spots that will make your life more enjoyable with light.
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